Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower Review
Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower Review

The Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower is made for experts and uses similar battery chargers as its line of electrical chainsaws.

The leaf blower’s low noise should allow you to work in public spots.

It provides cruise control and is made to be comfortable, efficient, and well-balanced.

Features Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower

It has a state of the art brushless motor.

The controls were very smooth, and the cruise control key is best if you do a lot of leaf blowing.

It is fine to be capable of using it to lock the blower in a single position if you’ve to hold a steady pace on a trigger as you turn your hand around, sweeping from side to another side.

It is amazingly simple for your finger to flex accidently, changing the speed, and giving a pulsing effect.

The keys on the blower are also a fine design.

They’d be used if you were wearing thick winter gloves just because they are huge and well-spaced.

Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower Review
Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower Review

You will surely need the shoulder strap as the Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower is heavy. It’d become uncomfortable without it. It’s well balanced, though.

Incidentally, since there is only a steel harness ring fixed on the device’s left-hand side, the machine is only really ideal for right-handed people.

Lefties could still utilize this machine, of course, but it’d be awkward.

This leaf blower is advertised as ideal to use in open areas where noise might be an issue, but I found it quite very loud at 86dB on low and 90dB on high.

It surely is not the kind of machine you would set running on Sunday morning if you had seriously sensitive neighbors.


  • Can use buttons with a gloved hand
  • Robust and reliable


  • Not as powerful as cheaper blowers

Final Verdict Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower

The Husqvarna 525ib Battery Blower is a solid but costly leaf blower – but lacks the power of some low price variants.

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