Ryobi P2180 Leaf Blowers
Ryobi P2180 Leaf Blowers

If you want to conveniently get rid of grass, leaves, little twigs, and other debris from your compound, then you will like the performance from this jet fan blower from Ryobi.

It gets power from an 18-Volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery and will deliver strong wind that reaches as high as 100MPH.

The 280 CFM will simply get rid of stuck or wet leaves while the best handle design offers a perfect hold on the accessory.

Features Ryobi P2180 Leaf Blowers Review

According to experts and consumers, the power to weight ratio of this blower is one of the tops.

This means that it will work quicker than its competing choices and the motor can run for longer.

Being a cordless unit, you also do not need to be close to a power outlet.

The area of operation is not restricted by the nearness of the PowerPoint or the length of the cord.

Ryobi P2180 Leaf Blowers
Ryobi P2180 Leaf Blowers


With its handled design, this leaf blower has created with mind portability.

Most users will have no issue using it in almost any place.

At 6.2 lbs, the Ryobi One + lithium + P2180 is within the average weight range of cordless blowers handheld.

Speed setting

In order to afford more user control, this unit has a variable speed control.

No issue the size of the job, the user can adjust the airflow of the Ryobi One + LITHIUM + P2180 to match.


The One + Lithium + P2180 is a cordless blower made by Ryobi.

It has the highest airspeed of hundred MPH and its nozzle can expel a mixed air volume of 280 cubic feet per minute.

Power delivery

Ryobi designed this battery-run unit with full mobility in mind.

The One + Lithium + P2180 just needs to be plugged in when it is charging, so users can take it almost any place.

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